Spring Day by a Mountain River 28.Spring Day by a Mountain River 130x180cm copy 2

Spring Day by a Mountain River. Alagna Italy 130x180cm oil on canvas.

Painted in early June on the bank of a fast moving river near Alagna in northern Italy .  I was given the opportunity to visit and stay in this region for a month.  The mountains and rivers were particularly inspiring as were the Italian lakes, villages, food, wine and the locals.


Spring Day by a Mountain River will be exhibited at the McAllister Thomas Gallery in October as part of my solo show starting on the Saturday 14th.




10. Winter Dusk on Ashdown 28x36 copy

Winter Evening.  Ashdown Forest, Sussex oil on board  71x91cm

Painted on the beautiful Ashdown forest during a brief spell of snow in late January.  It will be included in my forthcoming show at the Fairfax Gallery Tunbridge Wells. For more details visit my web site  david-atkins.com


summer-in-london-copySummer in London  oil on canvas  20x25cm


Entrance 2April Poole Harbour.   oil on canvas    100x150cm

Painted in situ during a very dramatic day that included lightening storms and snow.  It is currently on show at my studio during Dorset Art Weeks 28-May 12th June david-atkins.com




Storm Out at Sea

Storm Out At Sea 66x71cm oil on board

Painted at Charmouth in Dorset on a blustery day in March. After what felt like months of making unsuccessful paintings this was a joy to paint.  Brushes, rags, spatulas, palette knives and hands worked in frenzy a to capture the storm that was taking place out at sea.

Waiting for the Last Ferry copy 2

Painted at Rock in Cornwall on a quiet day with fine weather, a welcome change. The red boat is in fact a dredger and keeps the Camel estuary from silting up.  The tide came in very quickly and I was forced to move from where I had been painting all day.  The yellow coloured ferry goes back and forth all day, landing day-trippers on the beach. Missing the return means a long trip to get back to Padstow.  It was a beautiful spring like evening. Winter however, returned the next day.

River 1

Winter Morning on the River Frome. 46x50cm oil on board.  Painted last week on a cold, bright, winter’s morning along the banks of the River Frome in Dorset.