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Entrance 2April Poole Harbour.   oil on canvas    100x150cm

Painted in situ during a very dramatic day that included lightening storms and snow.  It is currently on show at my studio during Dorset Art Weeks 28-May 12th June





Fishing Huts at Kimmeridge 24x30 copy 2

A quiet, misty day at Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset.  A glimpse of the sea through the boats and fishing huts first attracted me to this view. Also there was a sense that things were about to happen.

19.Sunset Kimmeridge Bay copy 2Painted at Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset.  This painting went through a lot of changes and I didn’t think it was going to work out.  Almost threw it in to the sea!  It will be exhibited at the McAllister Thomas Gallery in April.