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Entrance 2April Poole Harbour.   oil on canvas    100x150cm

Painted in situ during a very dramatic day that included lightening storms and snow.  It is currently on show at my studio during Dorset Art Weeks 28-May 12th June





28. September Day Harlyn copy 2

‘September Day at Harlyn Bay. North Cornwall’. Oil on board 70x92cm.  Harlyn has a stunning beach, good for walking and surfing. The waves are usually huge but were more gentle during my visit in September.  As the tide comes in so fast I am forced to keep moving back to avoid a soaking.  The painting will be exhibited as part of my solo show at The Campden Gallery in November.  More details can be found on my website at

2. Early Morning Rye Harbour 24x32 copy 2Painted on the banks of the River Rother next to Rye Harbour in East Sussex.  The painting will be exhibited at the Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells in their 20th Anniversary Show in June.


A small sketch drawn the day before deciding to paint there.

Fishing Huts at Kimmeridge 24x30 copy 2

A quiet, misty day at Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset.  A glimpse of the sea through the boats and fishing huts first attracted me to this view. Also there was a sense that things were about to happen.